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Below, we have listed some of the most common questions we get asked about repairs and types of roofing, and have provided our usual answers. If you have a question that is not listed, we are always happy to offer you advice, so simply drop us an email or give us a call.

Q1. If I have a loft conversion on my natural slate roof, can I install a Velux or ordinary window?
A. The short answer is YES! The roofing industry supplies all types of appropriate flashing units for all types of slate.

Q2. My lead guttering has a crack in the centre and keeps leaking, despite my repairs on numerous occasions. How can I stop the leak?
A. Despite your efforts to repair this leak, it sounds like the section of lead guttering is too long and when repaired, you have not used the correct thickness of lead sheeting, which is a common problem.

Thermal movement in the lead causes it to crack at the weakest point, for example, your recent repair. The best way to tackle this is to either use the correct code (thickness) of lead, using the Lead Sheet Association regulations, or, if the gutter is quite long in length, insert expansion joints so the lead can expand and contract in adverse weather conditions.

Q3. Does my roof need ventilating? It's an old house I recently purchased.
A. Many old properties were built with insulation between the ceiling joists (bitumen F1 Felt) over the rafters. This can create condensation to become trapped in the roof void. In time, this trapped condensation will cause damp to start appearing on walls. Fitting vents is a good solution, and is a small and easy task, providing there is good access to your loft.

Q4. How long will a felt roof last?
A. This is a tricky one because felt roofs have improved substantially over the years, and it depends how long your felt roof has been in place. Most manufacturers will give a 15 to 20-year guarantee, providing you use the whole system.

Q5. What guarantee is supplied with a fibreglass roof?
A. We are an approved installer of GRP fibreglass roofs and offer a manufacturer's guarantee of 25 years, providing we cover the whole roof. I'm sure you will appreciate that every roof leak is different and in many cases, the best solution is to replace the full roof rather keep replacing patches.

Q6. How much does it cost and what are payment terms?
A. All roofing solutions are different, as it depends on types such as slate, tile, fibreglass, and rubber. It equally involves the size as well as the time take to strip and replace, which has a major factor on the price. price. We always give a quotation before starting any work and agree payment terms depending on the size of each job.

Q7. I'm confused. I've recently had two quotes for some insurance work. One company has given me a quote for fibreglass, and the other is for rubber. Why should I go for fibreglass?
A. Both have their individual benefits, however, fibreglass is more economically priced. It is also a lot stronger than rubber and has the best fire-retardant properties of the two.

Q8. How long does it take to repair my roof?
A. Our fully trained team of professionals provide a fast and efficient service. Our key objective is to provide a water-tight repair. This can only be achieved if we maintain our promise to complete your repair as quickly as possible in a safe and professional manner, without compromising our standards.

Q9. Do flat felt roofs need covering with chippings?
A. Chippings provide protection for the felt from ultraviolet radiation, as well as providing a decorative finish. They can also reduce problems created by extremes of temperature. If you don't want chippings, solar reflective paint can now be used, together with grey, green, and red-coloured mineral felt. This enables your roof to blend in with surrounding roofs. It's now quite common for high-performance cap sheets to be used as an alternative.

Q10. Do you undertake insurance work?
A. Yes, we do and can liaise with your insurance company and/or surveyor if required. We also accept payment from the insurance company if that is preferred.

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