Commercial Roofer in Doncaster, Selby, York and the Yorkshire Area

As a locally-trusted commercial roofer, Flat Roofing Yorkshire provides a wide range of flat roofs for businesses across the East and West Yorkshire region. From Doncaster to Selby to York, we offer bespoke roofing solutions guarantee to last for years to come. Whether it’s GRP roofs or RapidRoof membrane, our personnel carry out new installations and flat roof repairs with a shared trade experience of 40 years. When it comes to fibreglass roofs, or any other form of roofing material, on commercial properties, Flat Roofing Yorkshire guarantees superior results on time and to budget.


In our role as a commercial roofer, we provide businesses in Doncaster, Selby, York and the surrounding areas with the following services:


  • GRP Roofs / Fibreglass Roofs for Smaller Flat Roofs
  • Flexible Membranes for Larger Flat Roofs
  • Flat Roofs on Schools
  • Medical Centre Roofing
  • Sports Complex Roofing
  • Roofing on Retail Units
  • Flat Roofs for Factories
  • Roofs for Apartment Buildings
  • Guttering Systems
  • Commercial Flat Roof Repairs


To arrange for a free quotation on commercial roofing or flat roof repairs, please contact us.

Commercial Roofer in Doncaster

Commercial Flat Roofs | Choosing the Right Material


When it comes to the flat roofs of commercial properties in Doncaster, Selby, York and the neighbouring areas, the size of the area to be covered often dictates the most cost-effective method for providing reliable roofing.


For small-to-medium sized units, GRP roofs provide the kind of waterproofing and reliability that has become synonymous with the product. Unlike some traditional flat roofs that utilise a series of steel plates, fibreglass roofs provide a single membrane without joints or seals, eliminating the risk of rust and water ingress while lessening the need for future flat roof repairs.


For those business owners in Doncaster, Selby, York or anywhere in the East or West Yorkshire area who have experienced damaged stock and decorations from a leaking roof, GRP roofs truly offer the ultimate peace of mind.


Premises with larger flat roofs, such as supermarkets and units in retail parks, often require a different solution. As a commercial roofer, we recognise that fibreglass roofs, while producing outstanding performance, lack some of the flexibility of other materials when laid over a large area.

Flat Roofs in Doncaster

Naturally, the larger a building is, the more expansion and contraction takes place over the years. In these circumstances, our team applies a fully-bonded seamless membrane system with more than 200% elasticity. Not only does this allow for the growth and shrinkage that comes with the changing seasons, but it also cures within 20 minutes, providing businesses in Doncaster, Selby, York and beyond with a swift permanent solution.


It goes without saying that roofing materials with such flexibility significantly reduce the likelihood of flat roof repairs in the future too.


For optimal safety, Flat Roofing Yorkshire can easily integrate finishes such as coloured anti-skid walkways into any design.

To discuss the services we provide as a commercial roofer in Selby, York, Doncaster and across East and West Yorkshire, including the installation of GRP roofs, call 01977 312 909 or 07850 455 272.

Commercial Roofer in Doncaster
Flat Roofs in Doncaster