New GRP Roofs & Flat Roof Repairs in Doncaster | A Wise Investment

With more than 40 years of trade and industry experience shared between our team of professionals, Flat Roofing Yorkshire understands the levels of investment our clients put into their new flat roofs or flat roof repairs. In our role as a domestic and commercial roofer, we not only install GRP fibreglass roofs of the highest quality, but we also take the time to sit down with our clients and discuss their options, visions and concerns. This ensures that when work begins on new GRP roofs in the Doncaster area, all parties involved have a clear idea of what the project involves, where their money is being spent and what the end result will be.


As a domestic and commercial roofer with proven results stretching back to our inception in 2008, we firmly believe that our range of GRP fibreglass roofs, as well as other flat roofs including torch-on felt and EPDM rubber, offer property owners in Doncaster outstanding value for money.


Flat Roofs | Money Well Spent


Below, we have outlined what makes our GRP roofs such a wise property investment.


Durability – When it comes to any roofing option, not only flat roofs, property owners in Doncaster always prioritise materials with outstanding durability in order to maximise their investment. With huge technological leaps forward, GRP fibreglass roofs offer some of the most impressive longevity on the market. In fact, our Cromar GRP roofs come with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Quite simply, flat roofs made of GRP don’t degrade as quickly as their felt or rubber equivalents. In addition, as a single membrane, the surface of fibreglass roofs has no joints or seams that water get target as a weak point. As such, GRP roofs require little-to-no maintenance, or any kind of flat roof repairs, across their lifetime.


An Adaptable Material – As a time-served domestic and commercial roofer serving Doncaster, we’ve seen how even flat roofs come in all manner of shapes and sizes. However, our highly-skilled professionals can overcome any dimensions when laying GRP fibreglass roofs. GRP can be moulded to fit all existing flat roofs while still retaining its single membrane nature. Even obstacles such as light wells and roof lights can be worked around without any compromise on performance.


What’s more, if a property owner in Doncaster has committed to a long-term design and colour scheme, GRP roofs come in a range of edge trims and coloured topcoats to offer seamless integration.


Flat Roof Repairs – Like any roofing option, flat roofs eventually start to show their age, requiring the need for flat roof repairs. Other eventualities could involve an unforeseen accident that damages the surface or a shoddy installation by a lesser domestic or commercial roofer. Whatever the situation may be, we undertake a thorough inspection of flat roofs before recommending the type and extent of flat roof repairs required.


Damage to the laminate layer appears in numerous ways, most commonly holes, tears, delamination or crushed core laminate. Whether we’re hired as a domestic or commercial roofer, our inspections remain the same. Before long we ascertain if the damage extends beyond the superficial indicators, allowing us to present Doncaster clients with a full, honest quotation for comprehensive flat roof repairs.

If you’re thinking of installing flat roofs, including GRP roofs, or you want to undertake flat roof repairs in Doncaster and the surrounding areas, call 01977 312 909 or 07850 455 272.