GRP Fibreglass Roofs in Selby, York, Doncaster and Throughout Yorkshire

As a locally reputable domestic and commercial roofer, Flat Roofing Yorkshire installs GRP fibreglass roofs of the highest quality in Selby, York, Doncaster and the wider East and West Yorkshire area. Not only do these flat roofs provide highly durable waterproofing features, but they also have aesthetically pleasing qualities too. When laid by experienced roofing professionals like those at Flat Roofing Yorkshire, fibreglass roofs encompass the entire roof surface and edging, creating a single, continuous membrane that bonds to the roof deck. The skin-like installation of GRP roofs has no seals or joints, eliminating the likelihood of the flat roof repairs associated with materials that do.

GRP Fibreglass Roofs provide our clients in Selby, York, Doncaster and the neighbouring areas with an array of benefits, including:

  • A Safe Cold-Application Process
  • The Incorporation of Insulation if Required
  • Impressive Energy-Efficiency
  • A Selection of Coloured Finishes
  • Non-Slip Walkways & Finishes
  • Aesthetically Appealing Visuals
  • Robust Seamless Installation
  • Cure It, Topseal & Cromar GRP Roofs
  • Cromar GRP Roofs Guaranteed for 25 Years

As a versatile domestic and commercial roofer, our team undertakes the installation of GRP fiberglass roofs, and flat roof repairs, at any location in Selby, York, Doncaster or the surrounding areas.

For a free estimate, or to discuss options for a range of flat roofs, please contact us.

What are GRP Roofs?

GRP stands for ‘glass reinforced plastic’. In short, this is fibreglass. These flat roofs consist of materials made up of polyester resin reinforced with chopped strand mat glass fibres. The resulting product is a GRP laminate. This composite material holds huge popularity with homeowners and businesses, as well as domestic and commercial roofers, in Selby, York, Doncaster and beyond due to its incredibly strong nature and surprisingly light weight.

Technological advances have improved the quality of GRP roofs over the years, but the core principle remains unchanged – that of a lightweight, waterproof, durable material that can be moulded into any shape.

For all of these many qualities, as well as the minimal flat roof repairs required in the future, GRP fibreglass roofs remain among the most popular options for flat roofs in Selby, York, Doncaster and the East and West Yorkshire area.

How are GRP Roofs Installed?

Unlike other flat roofs, GRP fibreglass roofs have a cold application process. Not only is this safer for us as a domestic and commercial roofer, but it also removes the risk of any fire damage to the property itself.

The installation of GRP roofs begins with the removal of the old roof covering at properties in Selby, York, Doncaster and beyond. We replace these with new tongue and groove OSB3 roofing boards, placed at an angle of 90° with precise, uniform spaces between each one. The careful placement of these boards provides a strong, watertight seal to finished GRP roofs, thus ensuring their longevity and reducing the need for future flat roof repairs.

Next, we lay the edge trims. Our domestic and commercial roofers fix the majority of trims to the decking board with 13mm galvanised staples or nails, although some can be fixed with PU adhesive. We then cut, join and bandage these trims to create strong, watertight edging for these flat roofs.

After this, we mix a resin and catalyst, using it to laminate the corners and bandage the trims before laying the chopped strand mat parallel to the drip trim. When laid, we cut and shape this material to ensure that our GRP fibreglass roofs fit perfectly.

Through a careful process of resin application to a ratio of 3:1, with one-third applied to the boards and two-thirds applied to the mat, we ensure even coverage for a level installation of the highest quality.

With a wetted-out laminate with no opaque or white areas, we apply a topcoat in the form of another mixed resin and catalyst. At this point, a colour pigment can be applied where required.

When the topcoat has dried, our clients in Selby, York, Doncaster and across East and West Yorkshire are left with outstanding GRP roofs that have a life expectancy of between 25 and 30 years.

If you’re interested in GRP fibreglass roofs in Selby, York, Doncaster and the East and West Yorkshire area, call 01977 312 909 or 07850 455 272.